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This book will “break your thinking machine” about what learning is and how to create it in yourself and others. Cracking The Learning Code reveals the simple fact that we are designed with the biological capacity to transform ourselves and the world for the better quickly.  It offers an in-depth perspective on how our outdated learning strategies have created a world floundering in problems and why so many of us are not living up to our own expectations. It is based on over thirty years of research into the science of learning, motivation, and behavioral change. Its goal is to help you accelerate the speed at which you learn so you can live a more joyful, fulfilled, and meaningful life. And if you so choose to make a greater impact on your work and in the world. We took a unique approach.

Once a general understanding of a topic is presented, you will see these icons.

They alert you when a chapter will start to go deeper into the science. Here can either skip to the next topic or you can read deeper to gain a more in-depth view of that subject. Our goal is to have all this learning science in one reference source to continue to refer to it as your needs demand.

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What readers are saying...

The Learning Code research will have as profound an impact on the world as the works of Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer.

Daniel B. Levin
Former Director, Business Development Hay House Publishing

There is a missing piece to the learning puzzle, and I believe The Learning Code is that missing piece.

Kim Kiyosaki
CEO and Cofounder, The Rich Dad Company

The Learning Code is the holy grail in the field of education and behavioral change. This knowledge needs to be made available worldwide.

Dr. Jeanette Vos
Cofounder, National Institute for Teaching Excellence
Coauthor, The Learning Revolution

The Learning Code science is like the Intel Chip. Implant it into any transformational program and you will see astounding advances in the speed of learning and the depth of behavior change. It is a game changer for our industry.

Ryan Mitchell
Power of Success Seminar Company

This science is so powerful that to try to educate without an understanding of it is a disservice, not only to our children, but to our world.

Nancy Monson
Learning Innovator, Founder Running River School

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