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Our course, Cracking The Learning Code For Homeschool Parents: How To Use Neuroscience To Help Your Child Love Learning Forever!, is the first course in the world designed to use the latest scientific research to not only increase the meaning and engagement you and your child experience during the learning process, but also the excitement and joy. Our goal at The Learning Code Institute is to provide every child in the world with the learning capacity to live the life of their dreams!

 “I believe the science of the Learning Code will revolutionize what we are doing with our school districts, individual schools and teacher groups. I have been working in the educational space for 14 years and, going forward, we will not consult, train or develop content without mapping it against the Learning Code."

Mack Weathers, CEO, Principal School Ventures

Why Is This Learning Code Research So Important To Your Child?


Over the last 35 years of extensive scientific exploration, we have reverse engineered the 6,000 genes, as well as the neurotransmitters and brain areas that control all of your and your child’s learning and motivation.

We have taken all this complex research and reduced it to simply understood 3-to-12 minute Learning Adventures in which we guide you to easily and immediately integrate the latest learning science into your  and your child’s “learning lives” right now. Thus, helping to make the whole learning process more efficient and joyful not just for your child, but for your whole family.

What You and Your Child Will Receive –

Each week you will be receiving two or more "Learning Adventures."

This 18 -month program is purposely designed to deliver digestible amounts of new information (utilizing the principles of the Learning Code Science) so that this new knowledge easily “sticks” not only in your child’s brain, but also in yours!

As part of The Learning Code Homeschool Network, you will also be receiving periodic live webinars to keep you on track, update you on the latest learning science, and to answer any questions you may have.

Be Part Of A Community Of Like Minded Parents

Cracking The Learning Code For Homeschool Parents, will also provide you with the opportunity to connect with a community of like-minded parents who also desire to create a more joyful learning experience for their children. Therefore if you so choose, this is a wonderful opportunity to collaborate and share your learning experiences with other like-minded parents.

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Be One Of The First 10,000 Parents!

We are obsessed with excellence and to ensure we can continue to deliver an excellent product and delivery while not overloading our systems we need to limit the number of parents who can initially become part of Cracking The Learning Code For Homeschool Parents.

This is why we are limiting the initial enrollment period to the first 10,000 parents who sign up!

Once you Join....

When you finish these Learning Adventures, as part of what you will get, we’ve teamed up with the prestigious Claremont Graduate University, to offer a Learning Code Continuing Education Certification for homeschool parents.

This is the only continuing education certificate in the world that allows parents to become experts in neurobiology of how their child learns.

The Cost...

We are a mission-based company that puts values before profit. Therefore, our goal is to have every child and parent in the world have access to this ground-breaking learning knowledge to support their children to lead the most successful lives possible, both now and as adults.

With our mission in mind, we have kept the cost as low as possible so the largest number of parents and children in the world can have access to this disruptive knowledge.

This is why we are offering Cracking The Learning Code For Homeschool Parents: How To Use Neurosciecnce To Have Your Child Love Learning at $20 per month. To make is easy, if you are not completely satisfied, you can cancel at any time you want.

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