“It is my opinion that every parent and school district in America should be made aware of the innovative Learning Code science. This new science is so powerful that to try to educate without an understanding of it is a disservice, not only to our children but to our world.”

Nancy Monson, Education Researcher and Past Principal  Running River School

Welcome to Cracking The Learning Code For Homeschool Parents!

We would like to welcome you to the world’s leading learning program for Homeschool Parents. 

The Learning Code Institute is the recognized world leader in understanding the scientific basis of how we and our children most effectively learn, motivate ourselves, and create long-term memories. Many experts believe this disruptive research will transform the learning and education fields…forever!

 Cracking The Learning Code For Homeschool Parents

This course, Cracking The Learning Code For Home School Parents: How To Use Neuroscience Too Help Your Child Love Learning Forever!”, is the first course ever designed that uses the latest scientific research to help you increase not only the meaning and engagement your child experiences during the learning process, but also the excitement and joy. Our goal at The Institute is to provide every child in the world with the learning capacity to live the life of their dreams!

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Why Is This Learning Research So Important To Your Child?

Why is this research and course so important to helping your child learn? Over the last 35 years of our extensive scientific exploration, we have reversed engineered the 6,000 genes that control all your and your child’s learning and behavior change.

What we found was that when a percentage of those 6,000 genes are turned on, they express proteins, enzymes, and neurotransmitters including norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin that make the entire learning process more joyful, engaging, and fulfilling, not only for your child but also for you.

Let me give you a little background.

The reason our traditional education systems are struggling so mightily to give our children what they need to succeed in life is because they have failed to understand the true biology of how we learn.

Why Is It 70% Us Live Paycheck And 66% Aren’t Very Happy With Our Lives?

While financial well-being is only one perspective of success, it’s noteworthy the research shows that even after getting an education up to 70% of us are living paycheck to paycheck …and up to 66% of us say we are not very happy with our lives.  

We don’t often think of it like this …but why are those statistics so troubling?

Because what education is intended to do is help us build the life of our dreams, which for far too many of us, it clearly is not doing.

Let me explain why.

 One of the primary reasons our existing education and training programs fail to help us live the life of our dreams is because they almost exclusively focus on what we call, Below The Line.

A Critical Missing Element in Most Educational Systems... 

Understanding the Difference between Above the Line and Below the Line

Below The Line is the universal use of rigid curriculum, memorization techniques, testing strategies, etc. etc. It’s the doing-ness of school. These are the approaches that date back 2,300 years to Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato. And unfortunately, they have remained pretty much the same since then. 

What is Above The Line? As you will learn in these modules which we call Learning Adventures …. Above The Line focuses on your and your child’s MINDSET before you ever dive into anything below the line.

From the world of neurobiology it’s simple …if your mind is not set in the correct way before you try to use any traditional educational techniques below the line ….the learning will not stick!

Now you can begin to understand why even after society has spent billions of dollars attempting to improve our educational systems, those changes have not lived up to our expectations. This is because they have not focused effectively enough on the Mind Set of our children.

Today you have the opportunity to step into an entirely new approach to learning that will produce remarkable results not only in your child’s learning and life, but in how you and your whole family communicate and support one another.

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What You and Your Child Will Receive

 You will be receiving two “Learning Adventures” each week. This 18-month program is purposely designed to deliver digestible amounts of new information (utilizing the principles of the Learning Code Science) so that this new knowledge “sticks” not only in your child’s brain, but also in yours!

As part of what you will get, we’ve teamed up with the prestigious Claremont Graduate University to offer a Learning Code Education Certification for homeschool parents.

Claremont Graduate University:

Get A Learning Code Education Certification

As part of what you will get, we’ve teamed up with the prestigious Claremont Graduate University to offer a Learning Code Education Certification for homeschool parents. This is the only continuing education certificate in the world that allows parents to become experts in neurobiology of how their child learns.

Many parents who want to share this learning science outside of their home find this Certificate gives them increased influence and impact in their work, social and charity world.

When you finish these Learning Adventures, we will be reaching out to you to see if you would like to receive this Education Certification from Claremont.

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We are obsessed with excellence and to insure we can continue to deliver an excellent product and delivery, and not overload our systems, we need to limit the number of parents who can initially become part of Cracking The Learning Code For Homeschool Parents. This is why; we are initially limiting enrollment to only the first 10,000 parents who sign up.


Our goals is to keep the cost as low as possible, so as many parents in the world can have access to this knowledge that makes their child’s learning so much more enjoyable and effective.

Therefore, Cracking The Learning Code For Homeschool Parents: How To Use Neuroscience To Help Your Child Love Learning Forever!”, is offered at $20 per month. And if we don’t surpass your expectations––you can cancel at any time and we’ll part friends.

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